Our company is dedicated to creating adventurous theatre born from openness, brazenfaced ambition to reach for the impossible and willingness to face the things which most embarrass, challenge and terrify us. 

We seek to collaborate with unique international artists from a variety of backgrounds in pursuit of a product which ignites the imagination and awakens the pleasure of the audience. Where ever is possible we look for experiences with each other and audiences which draw us closer to our humanity.

Our work is original, highly physical in its presentation and irreverent and bold in its performance. We work to invigorate audiences, students and ourselves by continually investigating, shaping and re-shaping new theatrical experiences unbound by old ideas and forms. 

The ensemble draws its inspiration from the pedagogy of Philippe Gaulier, Keith Johnstone and Anne Bogart and the theatrical genres of Greek tragedy, Buffoon, Clown, Melodrama, Improvisation and mask work.


Our teaching work with performers, school students and other groups seeks to find and utilise all the raw energy and enthusiasm of each participant/artist. Our point of departure is always the investigation of what generates pleasure. 

Much of our workshop material is simply an open invitation to abandon oneself to the game and to accept failure as an inevitable aspect of the experience. We see our primary task as helping each participant to be transparent during this sometimes frightening but simultaneously enlivening process and by doing so, help to shine a spotlight on their humanity and beauty for the audience. 

We consider each workshop, event or project to be an opportunity for everyone (including ourselves) to put aside preconceived ideas about teaching, acting, learning, directing or devising which often cut off spontaneity and deaden performance and approach any work we begin with an attitude of openness and enthusiasm.